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Howard Stern and Sirius Are at the Top of Christmas Lists

Add Howard Stern to the list of Christmas gifts with a following that made them difficult, if not impossible, to find at the height of their popularity.

The aging, crass shock jock who ruled mornings on FM radio in Boston and elsewhere took his act to Sirius Satellite Radio, the number-two player in the subscription radio business, on Jan. 9 2005.

Judging by the subscriptions he now has and how much he mentions WBCN, he took a lot of Boston fans with him.

XM and Sirius Merge

Seems that XM and Sirius will merge soon. The two rivals of the satellite radio industry have announced today that they have reached an agreement and will merge as equals. Shareholders of both XM Satellite Radio Holdings, Inc. and Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. will own about 50% each of the new entity.

Once XM and Sirius merge together it will be Mel Karmazin who is currently the Chief Executive for Sirius Satellite leading the combined entity. Hugh Panero, the Chief Executive Officer for XM, will remain in place only until this deal is finalized.

Because of the FCC, the merger between XM and Sirius will run into hurdles in Washington. The Provision in place states that the two companies are forbidden to combine. The FCC could change the rule but there was a statement given by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin in which he said “The companies would need to demonstrate that consumers would clearly be better off with both more choice and affordable prices”. Kevin Martin went on to state that “the hurdle would be high to prove that the deal would be in the public interest”.

Miss Howard Stern Andrea Ownbey

The number of country artists who have appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show is small. Willie Nelson has, and so have the Dixie Chicks. Add rising country star Trent Tomlinson to that short but impressive list. A native of Kennett, Mo. (also the hometown of Sheryl Crow) Trent Tomlinson scored with his first single, “Drunker Than Me,” a based-in-fact, humorous ode to a woman who drank more than he did on a date.

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Miss Howard Stern Dances

While the song peaked at No. 19 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, it received enough airplay to be heard by Andrea Ownbey, a former stripper who holds the dubious distinction of being known as “Miss Howard Stern.” Stern and his crew became aware of Trent Tomlinson’s single when Ownbey sang it at a karaoke contest.

When Trent Tomlinson heard about Ownbey’s performance, he offered to travel to New York to sing a duet with her on Stern’s show.

Opie and Anthony to Replace David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth‘s run as morning radio host is about done. Big surprise: It appears raunchy satellite radio stars Opie and Anthony will replace him on seven CBS Radio stations.

A deal was in the works to dump the ex-Van Halen singer’s ratings-deprived program with shock jocks Greg “Opie” Hughes and Anthony Cumia, according to two people with knowledge of the deal. They spoke Thursday on condition of anonymity pending an official announcement of the agreement next week.

Opie and Anthony were banished from terrestrial radio in 2002 oddly enough by their new boss, CBS Radio after airing a live account of listeners having sex in New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral. CBS Radio was then known as Infinity Broadcasting.

Opie and Anthony resurfaced on XM in October 2004. The satellite radio provider has more than 6.5 million subscribers, with the Opie and Anthony show one of the most popular programs on its 170 channels.

Howard Stern’s daughter was nude on stage

Howard Stern Daughter nude

Howard Stern’s daughter Emily has pulled out of a satirical stage performance in which she appears nude, apparently worried that enemies of her father would distribute pictures of her on the Internet.

Emily Stern, 22, has starred since November in “Kaballah,” staged by the Jewish Theater of New York at the Triad Theater, 158 W. 72nd St. She has been playing Madonna, the pop singer who gained an interest in the mystic Jewish form of study.

Tuesday, the company abruptly canceled its scheduled performances for this week at the 136-seat theater, saying Stern had dropped out after learning that she had become the subject of rumors on several Howard Stern fan club Web sites.

“She’s very scared now,” said Isi Tenonbom, a spokeswoman for the Jewish Theater, who said the company was looking for a replacement actress.

David Lee Roth is to Radio, as George Bush is to America

I am a lifelong Howard Stern fan. I have my Sirius radio and I am ready to go. Stern starts on Monday so I decided to check out his replacement, the infamous David Lee Roth.

David is the ex-singer for the rock band Van Halen. Those of you who are childern of the 70s know David as the wild, womanizing front man who helped make Van Halen one of the biggest rock bands of that time. As time went on, David left the band and went on to a modestly successful solo career but nothing near the heights of fame brought to him by VH.

In 2006, Dave is kinder and gentler and has less hair. He is now an EMT/Helicopter pilot and in my opinion, not the man to be sitting in Howard Stern’s radio chair.

Howard Stern’s Final Day Before Sirius Satellite Radio

Howard Stern’s last show on free radio airs Friday; after a brief hiatus he will return in early January on Sirius satellite radio, which has offered him a contract said to be worth $500 million over five years. I won’t be following him to satellite. I love Howard Stern; he was one of our few national radio stars, a groundbreaking talent. His show has given me many a guilty laugh, brightening the gray freeway in the morning. Another $12.95 a month for radio? WHAT A DEAL!!

Howard Stern’s WILD Promotion Campaign

Howard Stern and Sirius are on a PR roller-coaster trying to get the word out that in January Stern will be exclusively on Sirius.

On TV, you’ll see Stern interviewed by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly and making a cameo on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. In print, you can read major pieces in Newsweek, Esquire and New York magazine.

The article in the Billboard Radio Monitor quotes the New York Magazine saying that XM had been eyeing Stern all along.

Howard Stern Quitting Radio and Moving to Sirius Satelite

The seeds of the Howard Stern satellite radio revolution are planted in a simple black spiral notebook. Across its blank pages, the Lenny Bruce of broadcasting scrawls ideas for the riskiest (and richest) move of his radio career, a collection of deranged concepts that fly unfettered from his id, without fears of censorship or staggering federal fines.

Howard Stern got Hacked!

Howard Stern’s radio satelite was hit with a virus this morning causing the show to switch to ESPN radio for a few seconds and then to some spanish radio show for a few minutes. In the middle of Howard Stern interviewing Willie Nelson producer Gary dell’abate came in and told Stern that they lost their satelite feed for a few minutes and things are back to normal.